From Dr. A:

These past two years have been an unforgettable time in which I felt that I was able to whole heartedly serve those in the Clackamas and Multnomah County communities in a way that I could have never done in a traditional clinic facility. I realize that while the mobile practice held several limitations (no radiography, boarding or hospitalization), it allowed me to function on an even more personal level with many for which I am most grateful. A hearty THANK YOU for having enough faith to take a chance in our services.

Because I have been offered a position that would continue to advance my professional career and provide some much desired support from animal health colleagues, after much contemplation and many prayers, I must formally announce the reorganization of Mt. Hood Mobile Veterinary Clinic as of May 5th. While no further walk-up clinics nor routine house calls will be performed after this time, I will be available to satisfy medicine refills and mail out records. If we have started medical management for your pet(s) together, I will work to the best of my ability to continue to see it through to completion or to the end of his/her life, depending on the situation. I ask for understanding and patience during such a transition.

It is important to me that in-home end of life/euthanasia care can continue to be offered so my role as the Mt. Hood Mobile Vet will consist of these services. It is a priority to me that a pet’s last moments can be in his/her home, surrounded by family without the fear, pain and/or confusion commonly associated with having to be loaded and driven to a veterinary facility.

I will be starting my work as the Veterinarian with Clackamas County Dog Services on May 8th. Please know that I am pursuing several avenues and making various attempts to attract another veterinarian that I would entrust the care of your pets to. It would please me to know that such a worthwhile service could continue in the area. It is understood that this may be a difficult transition for many and I feel for the uneasiness this may cause as you must realign your source of veterinary care.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the many times you placed your trust in me and lent your support to the clinic. I hope that continued interactions may be possible in the future. Feel free to connect with me via email ( or simply pick up the phone (971-808-9426) and give a call.

Kind regards,

Melissa A. Adams, D.V.M.

Starting May 5th, 2018, the primary function of the Mt. Hood Mobile Veterinary Clinic will be to continue offering in home end of life/euthanasia care.  It is important to us to allow for your pet’s last moments to be in his/her home, surrounded by family without the fear, pain and/or confusion commonly associated with having to be loaded and driven to a veterinary facility.  We are capable of making arrangements for cremation services and transportation to the facility for ease to the owner.  Please do not hesitate to reach out for information regarding these services.

Serving Clackamas and Eastern Multnomah Counties